Category: Law

The objectives of Law on Standardization are as follows:

(a)    to enable to determine Myanmar Standards;

(b)    to enable to support export promotion by enhancing quality of production     organizations and their products, production processes and services;

(c)    to enable to protect the consumers and users by guaranteeing imports and products    are not lower than prescribed standard, and  safe from health hazards;

(d)    to enable to support protection of environment related to products, production processes and services from impact, and conservation of natural resources;

(e)    to enable to protect manufacturing, distributing and importing the disqualified goods which do not meet the prescribed standard and those which are not safe and endangered to the environment;

(f)    to support on establishing the ASEAN Free Trade Area and to enable to reduce technical barriers  to trade.

(g)    to facilitate technological transfer and innovation by using the standards for the     development of national economic and social activities in accordance with the     national development programme.

The Law on Standardization