Category: DRI

Head of Department


Dr.Zar Ni Aung


Tel: (+95-1)664817

Fax: (+95-1) 668033

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The Vision of the NSQD is to promote and provide the needed technical services in support of our National Quality Infrastructure that will facilitate trade, industrial growth, protection of the health and public safety, and to be fully compliant with the country’s international and regional trade commitments.

There are three divisions under the NSQD perform the functions of the:

  • National Standards Body,
  • National Accreditation Body
  • National Metrology Institute  

 The National Standards and Quality Department is primarily responsible for developing and coordinating the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) with all stakeholders in the Union of Myanmar.  Our other main responsibilities include; 

  • Establish, maintain and disseminate the Nations measurement standards
  • Provide internationally recognized Accreditation
  • Develop National Standards
  • Provide Calibration and measurement services to industry and other Government organizations
  • Participate and represent the country in International and Regional NQI Organizations




Category: DRI


The Department's primary mission is to promote Myanmar's trade competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards, conformity assessment and technology in ways that enhance economic growth and improve our quality of life. The Department will carry out its activities through the development of a National Metrology Institute, National Standards Body and National Accreditation Body.