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Stakeholder workshop on Metrology Strategic Plan (2016-2021) was held for the second time on June 15, 2017 in Department of Research and Innovation (DRI), Myanmar.It was organized by Department of Research and Innovation (DRI) of the Ministry of Education with the support of PTB, the National Metrology Institute of Germany.

Opening speeches were delivered by U Win Khaing Moe, Director General of DRI  and  presentations on metrology strategic plan and implementation  were made by international experts from PTB and officers from National Standards and Quality Department(NSQD). The workshop was attended by delegates from Government, Industries, Laboratories and experts from PTB, USAID, GIZ. They asked questions and proposed their needs for Calibration measurement and services.

Metrology is economically important because it increases the productivity of organizations, it supports innovation, it reduces transaction costs and it also benefits a broad group of consumers.

This Metrology strategic plan (2016-2021) has been drafting since June 2015 by supervision and guiding of Mr. Keith Jones (PTB Expert) supported by PTB.  After drafting the Metrology strategic plan, Stakeholder workshop was held for the first time in DRI on July, 2016. According to the comments of stakeholder, there are filled and updated them in Strategic Plan.

The objective of the national metrology strategy is to achieve a strong national metrology infrastructure. National Metrology Strategy will provide more understanding of metrology, create more awareness and to establish a national metrology infrastructure that is the best suitableway to the accurate measurement needs of all stakeholders. It will provide common goals for the private and public sectors working towards establishing a system that is harmony with international metrology standards and best practices to achieve reliable, accurate measurements in the country.